Welcome Slaves!

Hello and welcome to my Dark corner of the web! Here you will find plenty of deviant and diabolical BDSM Pervery.

Master Kavannagh Leather Uniform

This isn’t fantasy, I turn all genre’s of classic BDSM into reality. It is here that shades of Grey turn Red.

I and The Fetish Bazaar offer all miscreant slaves, submissives and fetishists the ultimate kink experience, whether you are looking for the most severe of sessions through to the unusual, all can be realised here. Female or Male, your gender is unimportant to Me.

However, your serious desire to submit is!

Master Kavannagh

I love the chemistry and dynamics between myself and the individuals I see. From psychological to physical, everyone is unique, and no one session can ever be the same. My experience allows me to use intuition, imagination and skill to gain trust, explore boundaries, command, torment or seduce. I customise my sessions to suit the individual, communication is therefore of utmost importance, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned submissive.

Master Kavannagh. Latex & Boots

Long term sessions allow chemistry to grow. Greater adventurous exploration into the kinky unknown can then develop over time, and deeper experiences achieved.

Master Kavannagh in the Dungeon

I create a large buildup of interest and release of tension by sending your mind into a condition known to many as ”subspace.” Subspace is an altered focus, a narrowed reality; it is a feeling of ecstasy for you, the slave/sub. It provides a firm center (or focus) that evolves when I guide all of your actions, allowing you to let go of all the extraneous distractions and just “BE” for a while. It is total ectstasy.

For those looking for the ultimate BDSM experience the Doubledom sessions are available to those with the very darkest desires.

Double sessions are available with Myself and the sinfully wicked Mistress Olivia , one of the most skilled and sadistic Domina’s in Europe.


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